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In this section I tell everything that is happening in the studio Creamarie, with the pleasant company of the cat Penny :)

Stories from a study, 7 Creamarie lavender Star work bag

Stories from a study, 7

This month, with all the new materials collected, I have made a new batch of Star work bags. Bicolour, smooth, with new combinations ... I have tried to take into account much of the feedback received and this has been the result. It is the time that more variety I have achieved! Spring bags with spring colors The canvases are [...]

Stories from a study, 5 Creamarie work bag Star dark edition 2019

Stories from a study, 5

This year I really want to make some new ideas come true. I'm collecting eco materials, and very soon you'll see the first fruits. 😉 Dark edition But before, I wanted to repeat the Dark edition. I had received many messages from interested crafters in the anthracite + pink bags that I took out for the first time in November. And I […]