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In this section I tell everything that is happening in the studio Creamarie, with the pleasant company of the cat Penny :)

Creamarie lavender Star work bag

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This month, with all the new materials collected, I have made a new batch of Star work bags. Bicolour, smooth, with new combinations ... I have tried to take into account much of the feedback received and this has been the result. It is the time that more variety I have achieved! Spring bags with spring colors The canvases are [...]

Creamarie work bags Simple collection

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This month I spent most of my time as an "air controller". Collecting materials from different suppliers, although it is exciting, is not an easy task. Things stop being dependent on one, and you have to strive to be patient and positive. Still, I have found time for crafts and I have released a new collection [...]

Creamarie work bag Star dark edition 2019

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This year I really want to make some new ideas come true. I'm collecting eco materials, and very soon you'll see the first fruits. 😉 Dark edition But before, I wanted to repeat the Dark edition. I had received many messages from interested crafters in the anthracite + pink bags that I took out for the first time in November. And I […]

Lunar C case for Crochet needles Creamarie

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This month in the studio, I designed a new model case. And since I was redesigning an old one. And since I was renewing the interior of the Star bag. And once I get the design bug, I have a hard time stopping. Lunar C, the new crochet case [...]

Creamarie Star work bag and case for Lunar Needles K

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A lot of things have happened in Creamarie this fall. So many that I wanted to write a post to summarize them. I hope you like it! September In September I put on sale in my old Etsy store a new model that I called Star, with 3 variants: I called this variant Star L. It is the largest [...]