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Creamarie work bag Star dark edition 2019

Stories from a study, 5

This year I really want to make some new ideas come true. I'm collecting eco materials, and very soon you'll see the first fruits. 😉 Dark edition But before, I wanted to repeat the Dark edition. I had received many messages from interested crafters in the anthracite + pink bags that I took out for the first time in November. And I […]

Lunar C case for Crochet needles Creamarie

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This month in the studio, I designed a new model case. And since I was redesigning an old one. And since I was renewing the interior of the Star bag. And once I get the design bug, I have a hard time stopping. Lunar C, the new crochet case [...]

Creamarie Star work bag and case for Lunar Needles K

Stories from a study, 3

A lot of things have happened in Creamarie this fall. So many that I wanted to write a post to summarize them. I hope you like it! September In September I put on sale in my old Etsy store a new model that I called Star, with 3 variants: I called this variant Star L. It is the largest [...]

Creamarie anthracite gray canvas

Stories from a study, 2

The last weeks (or months) I have been very busy looking for new materials for the bags and studying new designs. I am willing to teach you more, but since this is something organic creativity, I prefer to respect their natural evolution and teach only what is 100% safe. I'm going there! A permanent collection Since I started designing [...]

Creamarie stories of a study 1 chapter

Stories from a study, 1

Today I start a new section of the blog. It will be a small space where you can tell the things that are happening in Creamarie. Maybe it also helps me to overcome a little this reserved character of mine. Ugh, I hope you find it interesting! Acorn The first story I wanted to tell is that I made my first collaboration [...]