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Creamarie review of the magazine Bellota

Bellota, the new magazine for knitters

Today's post is a review / tribute to the new publication in Spanish for weavers: BELLOTA. And it is that the romanticonas like me are forofas of the paper, to touch with the hands, to capture the smells, to listen to the relaxing passage of the pages and to feel its soft breath. And if in addition all that universe [...]

Creamarie natural fibers

What are your favorite materials?

If there is something important for knitters, seamstresses and crafters in general, it is the material with which we work. I refer to the wool, fabrics and threads that we buy with such enthusiasm and we are accumulating little by little with love. In my case, I imagine that, as in the case of many other fans, there has been a [...]

Create Marie French sewing tutorial

What is your favorite way to polish the seams? (with tutorial)

If I like something about sewing, it is that you can make the garment that things look as good on the inside as on the outside. I know, you have to be a meticulous little to get it. But with hope, patience and perseverance ... nothing is impossible! Something basic is to get the inner edges of the garments not [...]

Collection of bamboo knitting needles

What are your favorite knitting needles?

With the permission of the balls and skeins, if there is something that a weaver appreciates, it pampers and protects what Elvish treasure, are its knitting needles. He knows them very well, he knows which foot they hobble each one of and which ones go up to the right eye category. In my case, I have tried some metal and other wood, [...]

Large green skeins

How is your favorite environment for knitting or sewing?

And finally I come home. I spent the whole day imagining the time to prepare a warm cocoa, sit with my legs up and feel in my lap the soothing purring of Penny. Tin! - Warn the microwave. My favorite chair is waiting for me next to the balcony. The evening light still enters. Stretch [...]