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Section dedicated to explain techniques that will help you to discover the stylist that you have inside and to choose well your creative projects.

Creamarie discover your fetish clothes.

Discover your personal style: fetish garments

Today I start in the blog a series called Discover your personal style. And I say discover instead of create because style is something we already have. As a story in this post, the style and our way of being and seeing the world are connected. But many times we are not aware of that style and [...]

Discover your personal style

How to discover your personal style?

This or that pattern, does it go with my style? In the previous post of this section, we asked ourselves this question. Some of you will have very clear what is your style. It has been hard for me to find out, I was not aware of him. If it happens to you like me, you may be interested in what comes to [...]

Beautiful stitching and knitting patterns

The infallible method to choose perfect patterns

The weavers and amateur seamstresses of the XXI century we run the risk of going crazy with so much wonderful pattern loose. And if we enter the immense world of fabrics and threads, it is already to come down from life. Everything, much, precious, fascinating ... waste of creativity everywhere. Last year I went into crisis to [...]

Hand with wooden hanger

The hidden power of clothes

As a child I suffered horrors when my mother chose for me, among items inherited from 4 older sisters, the outfit she would wear to school the next day. I was not a child of tantrums. He preferred to suffer in silence that nonsense. I was satisfied telling me that one day not too far away, when I reached sixth and it was enough [...]