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Section dedicated to presenting the products that I am adding to the store.

Creamarie Star work bag and case for Lunar Needles K

Stories from a study, 3

A lot of things have happened in Creamarie this fall. So many that I wanted to write a post to summarize them. I hope you like it! September In September I put on sale in my old Etsy store a new model that I called Star, with 3 variants: I called this variant Star L. It is the largest [...]

Creamarie work bags special edition summer '18

News in the Shop, July '18

At last! The mini collection of bags and work cases that I have prepared for this summer is already complete. Here is the family photo. ???? It's a special edition, the last of the year. Yes, yes, of the year. Because soon, as I said here, I put on sale the definitive collection of bags of [...]

Creamarie new BAMBOO work bag

News in the Shop, June '18

Do you remember the BAMBOO labor exchange? Since I put this model on sale in February, it has gone through several redesigns. You can see them here, here and here. As if it were a Pokémon, it has evolved into a more powerful and sustainable version that you can already get in the Shop. Today I love you [...]

Creamarie case for LUNAR needles

Case for Lunar needles, new design

This week I want to present you the new design that you can find in the Shop Creamarie: the case for needles and crochet hooks LUNAR. Case for Lunar Needles I love everything related to the moon. In fact, you see that I have a work bag called Moon. In that model I represent the full moon. [...]

Creamarie work bags

News in the Shop, May '18

After several weeks working on the designs, the brand and this dreamed project that I am doing little by little, I have added new work bags to the Shop. This is just the beginning of what I have in hand, and I hope you like it ???? SEED It is the novelty of the store. Is […]