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Section dedicated to publicizing the works, initiatives and projects of the amateurs and professionals that make up our Spanish-speaking textile community.

Creamarie review of the magazine Bellota

Acorn, the new publication for weavers

Today's post is a review / tribute to the new publication in Spanish for weavers: BELLOTA. And it is that the romanticonas like me are forofas of the paper, to touch with the hands, to capture the smells, to listen to the relaxing passage of the pages and to feel its soft breath. And if in addition all that universe [...]

Creamarie interview with Tamknitting

Interview with Tamknitting: handbags with character

This week we are going to meet an amazing person from our community. She is one of those restless creative souls who squanders talent in everything she touches. And always with a big smile, a kindness and a sympathy that fall in love. For me it is a pleasure to introduce you to Toni de Tamknitting. Hello Toñi, for those readers [...]

Crea Marie interview with Cosas de Llü

Interview with Cosas de Llü: positive design and crafts XXL

Lluïsa, from Cosas de Llü, is a whirlwind of a woman. In addition, it is a renaissance of the craft world. The same sews, makes patchwork, crochetes, makes macramé, that weaves with or without needles. Would you leave me something? You do not leave anything at all, hahaha, I love all the crafts. I say all because I would dare many others like [...]

Crea Marie interview Devanalana

Interview with Devanalana: a craft + activist brand

If I owe someone the fascination I have with natural wool and yarn, it's Beatriz de Devanalana. I discovered her exquisite wool shop in Seville about (5 ?!) years ago. Never in my life had I seen and touched anything like it. Nowadays it is still focused on its knitting and crochet workshops, and [...]

Create Marie interview Rosas Crafts

Interview Rosas Crafts: a very cool brand

This month in our Community section we interviewed Paula, from Rosas Crafts, a very popular brand among weavers, hookers and DIY lovers. As usual in the craft world, he has been super friendly and attentive. I hope you like it! For those readers who do not know you yet, can you tell us what is Rosas Crafts? [...]