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Section dedicated to share tips to take care of the body and the mind, tricks to increase the productivity, and pills to nourish the textile conscience of weavers and seamstresses.

Creamarie knitting to reduce stress

How to reduce stress? The power is in your hands

The other day my mother and I watched a German telefilm at 1. In one scene, the protagonist gives a ball and knitting needles to a boy who was in the hospital. He had suffered an accident and had lost the mobility of his legs. He felt very bad, lonely and abandoned [...]

How to find free time

8 tricks to find more free time

Lately I've been involved in a little adventure. I had proposed to organize a small workshop in a village haberdashery, to teach some neighbors to knit with circular needles. Apart from pointing 3 sisters and other 2 charming girls, the phrase that I have heard the most has been: I would like to do it, but [...]

Hand with knit sample

Weavers and seamstresses, we have to take care

Last year I wove a pierced bolero to my friend Vanessa for her wedding day. It was a super nice point but hard enough to do. I had to put one hand around here, twist the wrist over there ... Come on, what a twister is called knitting. The thread was beautiful, the result was the [...]