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Section dedicated to teach the clothes that I am doing and thus encourage the readers with their own personal projects.

Creamarie Mondim socks

KALsocks with Creamarie: experience

With the arrival of spring, we started the first KAL that we have organized in this blog. This week we have finished it and I want to record here how the experience has been. It was about learning a simple formula to knit basic socks and cover our little sweetheart feet. The number of weavers [...]

Creamarie weaves basic socks

2018 handmade wardrobe: basic socks

I already have a pair of new socks in my handmade closet. I'm very happy with them. They are just what I wanted: basic socks, warm and wearable. And is that after having spent a time of intensive work, I needed simplicity. They are the typical socks that are woven for the first time. A simple project that, if [...]

Creamarie handmade closet sketches

Planning my handmade 2018 wardrobe

A DIY handmade wardrobe costs money. It involves investing in different patterns, fabrics, materials and tools. But above all, it takes time. It is what has to count on only two hands at this point in human evolution. That's why this year I've set out to make it grow with head and at a good pace. And I have used [...]