Creamarie Star work bag and case for Lunar Needles K

Stories from a study, 3

A lot of things have happened in Creamarie this fall. So many that I wanted to write a post to summarize them. I hope you like it! September In September I put on sale in my old Etsy store a new model that I called Star, with 3 variants: I called this variant Star L. It is the largest [...]

Creamarie work bags special edition summer '18

News in the Shop, July '18

At last! The mini collection of bags and work cases that I have prepared for this summer is already complete. Here is the family photo. ???? It's a special edition, the last of the year. Yes, yes, of the year. Because soon, as I said here, I put on sale the definitive collection of bags of [...]

Creamarie review of the magazine Bellota

Acorn, the new publication for weavers

Today's post is a review / tribute to the new publication in Spanish for weavers: BELLOTA. And it is that the romanticonas like me are forofas of the paper, to touch with the hands, to capture the smells, to listen to the relaxing passage of the pages and to feel its soft breath. And if in addition all that universe [...]

Creamarie new BAMBOO work bag

News in the Shop, June '18

Do you remember the BAMBOO labor exchange? Since I put this model on sale in February, it has gone through several redesigns. You can see them here, here and here. As if it were a Pokémon, it has evolved into a more powerful and sustainable version that you can already get in the Shop. Today I love you [...]

Creamarie case for LUNAR needles

Case for Lunar needles, new design

This week I want to present you the new design that you can find in the Shop Creamarie: the case for needles and crochet hooks LUNAR. Case for Lunar Needles I love everything related to the moon. In fact, you see that I have a work bag called Moon. In that model I represent the full moon. [...]