What is Creamarie?

It is a one-person textile design and artisanal brand that combines three purposes:

CREA (=make)

Because it is dedicated to knitters, crocheters and other creative souls with restless hands.

AMAR (=love)

Because I put my heart in everything I do. I love craftsmanship, people who trust in me and Nature.

REÍR (=laugh, smile)

Because what I do is a dream and fulfilling it everyday makes me feel full of gratitude and joy.

Crafts + Ecology + Design

Currently, the products you will find in the online store are accessories for knitters and other crafters.
I make them by hand in small batches.

All the materials that I use are natural and eco-friendly,
mainly from. Plastic-free packaging included.

They are unique designs that you will not see anywhere else.
With clean and simple lines but with an original touch.
And in neutrals combined with a color highlight.

About Me

English is not my mother language, but I'll make my best :) . My name is Rosa. I am the designer and artisan that is behind Creamarie.

I have always been such a curious person. As a child I wanted to be a dancer, veterinarian, potter, archaeologist, actress and screenwriter. As a senior I studied advertising and worked as a web designer and a librarian.

I learned crochet, knitting and cross stitch with 7 or 8 years. With 15, sewing. I rarely practice them later on. Until I pick them up again in order to reduce stress as an adult.

I like to do things with my hands. They keep my mind calm and focused on something creative.

I injured my wrist making amigurumis. Since then I practice very little crochet. I am more dedicated to sewing and knitting in continental style, which I find very ergonomic.

What I like the most is sewing. It demands the five senses and I usually forget the clock.

I love learning. I'm always attending any course or googling things that interest me. If there was no internet, I would be stuck in a library all day.

I had a dream once. There by 2007. I had a creative haberdashery next to home and I went to work with clothes made by me. Very vintage style, by the way.

I forgot that dream. I was super busy with my life and I thought it was too crazy.

The crisis affected me. In 2014 everything that I had been built until then collapsed. House, couple, city, work, friends ...

I got angry with the world. I thought I was doing things the way you were supposed to. And when my health also began to fail, I got sick of being angry.

Because I realized that the Universe has a peculiar style of giving gifts.

I study and practice personal growth since then. It helps me see reality with different eyes and transform it to my liking.

Thanks to all this I discovered that my true passion is to design, I recovered that forgotten dream and gave birth to Creamarie.

I think you'll like it.

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